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Why Your Next Suit Jacket Should be Tweed

Did you know the first man to win the British Open golfing championship was wearing tweed at the time?*

We don’t expect you to get a hole in one or hoist a trophy, but you can be a style winner by introducing tweed to your wardrobe.

Tweed offers a striking sense of depth
Tweed is made from closely woven yarn in several different shades. These intertwined shades give the fabric a distinctive sense of depth that really makes your suit jacket stand out. It also allows you to match a color in the jacket, however small it may be, with your pants, pocket square, scarf, or shoes. The more diverse you are with your color choices, the more options you’ll have.

A great style choice for anyone
Tweed was long associated with aristocracy and academia, but anyone can wear tweed now --- it’s hit the mainstream. A well-tailored tweed jacket helps you stand out from the crowd, and you won’t look like the other guys in the office. Consider a light gray tweed for versatility and a more distinguished look. Choose a brown tweed for sporty and social settings. Or layer a brown tweed overcoat with a black tweed blazer, choosing a heavier yarn for one to make it stand out.

Tweed is warmer
Come fall and winter, tweed is a great choice for a suit jacket because of its extra warmth and outdoorsy look. Wear it over a shirt or a sweater or both for extra layering. Match your tweed jacket with shoes or boots that are rugged and sturdy for the harsher months. Play up your outdoorsy side.

The Tailored Man offers jackets made from 100% pure new wool tweed made in Scotland by Holland & Sherry. To add a custom tailored Tweed jacket to your wardrobe, make an appointment today with The Tailored Man.

Photo courtesy Holland & Sherry, available at The Tailored Man. Shown: #1 Rust mock glen, #2 Fern twill with red overcheck, #3 Tan herringbone with overcheck, #4 Forest green alternate windowpanes, #5 Grey herringbone with triple overcheck, #6 Kingfisher blue with windowpane, #7 Green mix herringbone/barleycorn fancy with overcheck, #8 Mustard/tramline windowpane

*Willie Park in 1860

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