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Best Tie for a Job Interview

Best tie for a job interview

We've all heard the phrase,"You only get one chance to make a good first impression", and that couldn't be more true than for a job interview.

There are a few things that distinguish a well-dressed man from a man with style – and among them is an eye for detail.

Aside from the fit of your suit, your tie is arguably the first thing people notice about your ensemble. A truly great tie will marry disparate pieces and make your shirt, shoes, and jacket a bona fide ensemble.

Some style tips to think about when selecting a tie for your next important job interview:

What is the Best Color to Wear to a Job Interview?

We recommend navy blue because it's classic, conservative, and the color has an emotional reaction of trust. You may also consider black, gray, or brown.

Tie a Big Knot

A larger tie knot is more bold and gives you a confident appearance. The most popular knots are the Windsor and Half-Windsor.

Note: If you are wearing a shirt that features a narrow collar opening, consider the smaller four-in-hand knot. Consult this guide to tie knots.

Blue Says "Trust Me"

Ever notice that many businessmen and politicians turn to a blue suit and/or blue tie when they need to be viewed as "trusted"? That's because blue is a color that evokes feelings of truth and sincerity. Reach for a blue tie (and make sure it complements your suit of course).

Note: a black tie should only be worn for formal events and special occasions.

Consider Pinstripes

Pinstripes indicate a sense of character, confidence, and power. A pinstripe tie is timeless, it never goes out of style. If you're interviewing for a job that involves money, finance, or a position of responsibility, you should know that pinstripes are traditionally associated with finance and authority.

Should you choose to go with a pinstriped tie, be careful on your selection of shirt and suit jacket. You can wear a striped tie with a checked shirt but make sure that the stripes on your tie and shirt are not the same width and that the colors complement each other. Alternatively, you could wear a tie that has the stripes diagonal while your shirt stripes are vertical or vice-versa. In most cases you will not want to wear a pinstripe tie with a pinstripe suit, or at least make sure that the stripes on the suit are much thinner than your tie.

Note: to play it safe for most job interviews, select a solid suit jacket when wearing a striped tie.

Follow Tie Clip Rules

Adhere to the rules about wearing a tie clip, as you always should. Square tie clips are the best, and never, ever wear a tie clip on a diagonal.

Wide vs Skinny

Skinny or thin ties are generally seen as more stylish, and for a job interview it's best to be conservative and professional. There may be exceptions, like if you're interviewing for a job that involves fashion or entertainment, but normally it's best to be safe and wear a regular-width tie.

Note: if you're stocky go with a wide tie.

No Patterns

Avoid neckties with patterns like photos and shapes. For the job interview keep it simple with solids and stripes. (Stay away from ties with the phrase "Friday night is great for beer" for example").

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Yogendra Sahu
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