What To Wear To A Southern Wedding

Saddle up gentlemen, because wedding season is upon us. Spring brings new blooms, warmer weather, longer days, an influx of RSVPs, and plenty of opportunities to flex in a stylish suit. But, men attending southern weddings should be cautioned that the humid and hot weather could put a damper on your dapper plans. Good thing The Tailored Man is here to be your mentor during these muggy times.


Since the weather will most likely be humid at your upcoming southern wedding, you’ll want to choose a suit made from breathable fabrics, so you don’t melt during the ceremony or reception. Breathable fabrics like cotton or linen (and even breathable weaves like basket-weaves and hopsacks) will allow you to stay nice and cool despite wearing so many layers. As for jackets, opt for ones that feature minimal structure and little lining. If you’re not a big fan of linen, you can still stay cool at the nuptials in a tropical wool suit that is meant to be worn during the summer. 


Although you can easily go with traditional navy, black, or charcoal gray suits for a southern wedding, you might be cooler wearing a color that’s more tailored to a spring or summer style. In fashion, the lighter the color is, the cooler you’ll be. Lighter colored suits (light grays and khakis) will reflect the heat instead of absorbing it as dark suits tend to do. Since spring and summer are known for vibrant colors, this is a great excuse to add some boldness to your wardrobe.

And for those risk-takers that want to grab this season by the horns, this is the only time of the year you can rock a baby blue suit and still be viewed as sensible.

Finally, at the other end of the spectrum, do not wear a white suit. White is traditionally reserved for the bride and groom, and unless they ask you to specifically go with white on white, it’s a no-fly zone. There is a limitless color pallet out there for you to choose from, so don’t let this rule keep you down.

Summer Suit Trends

If you’re truly the type that wants to watch the world burn, a hot, outdoor, summertime wedding might be the only time in your life that you can get away with wearing a shorts suit. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but hear me out! Shorts suits are actually having a moment right now and will definitely keep you cool when everyone else is dealing with wearing pants. Even though some people might say that it’s informal, I say it’s a stylish way to bring your own elegance to any wedding.

Another summer suit trend that’s gaining momentum is the floral suit. As men become more comfortable with themselves, florals are crossing over more and more into menswear. Floral print suits provide a retro look as they’re covered head-to-toe in busy prints of all colors.


You’ll need the right accessories if you’re going to reach peak southern wedding attire. If you’re opting to go light with your suit, shoot for a few loud accessories like a boldly patterned tie or bright colored socks. If the wedding is outside, don’t forget your boldest pair of sunglasses to look your coolest. Oh, and please don’t forget your cowboy hat and belt buckles if it’s a true Texas wedding.

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