Tips for Adding Festivity to Your Holiday Attire

It that time of year again–snow is falling and your calendar is quickly filling up with endless holiday parties. It’s a time to celebrate, but how can you add a festive spin to your holiday look without overdoing it?

There are a few classics available in every department and dollar store–Santa hats, reindeer antler headbands, and Rudolph’s nose. While certainly festive, these options can be slightly cheesy. If you want to add subtler seasonal flair to your formal suits and other holiday looks this year, Mr. Tailor’s tips will keep you looking spirited and sharp.

Consider the Party’s Formality

Is your office getting together for a black-tie event or simply meeting after work for drinks? While both celebrations focus on the holidays, they require different dress codes.

If the event you’re attending is black-tie or formal, you’ll want to wear a classic tux or suit. The holidays are a little extra special. It’s okay to reflect that in your personal style.

Don’t know what the dress code is? Use our dress code cheat sheets to help navigate your look.

Leave the Ugly Sweater at Home

If the party has a laid-back, social atmosphere, feel free to play up a classic Christmas sweater. If you’re not the type to ironically wear “tacky” sweaters, select a classic Nordic print in dark navy or red. Make sure the material is comfortable to wear throughout the party. Mr. Tailor recommends something soft with a cashmere blend. Pair with slacks or well-fitting jeans. A well-tailored or bespoke blazer will give the look a more polished edge. As always, keep your shoes looking polished, whether they’re oxfords or boots.

Want to forgo the sweater? No problem. Simply choose a great undershirt to pair with a suit or blazer jacket.

Don’t Go With Traditional Red and Green

The go-to holiday color combo is classic and traditional, but save it for decorations around your house and on your tree, as it’s a little harsh for suits. Instead, opt for a deep navy or blue. A dark crimson is striking and stands out in the dark of winter.

For your shirt, opt for a crisp white button up. If you want a cozier look, try a dark sweater or turtleneck. If you go that route, make sure the thickness of your sweater works for layering. You don’t want to be uncomfortably stuffed in your suit or over-warm.

Add in a Pattern

Buffalo check, tartan, and plaids can easily be added to a holiday look. They have a wintery edge and are subtler than a light-up Santa Claus sweater. With planning, you can sneak one of these options into your attire.

A simple way to add patterns to your look is layering with an undershirt in a patterned material. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit, formal or casual, simple and solid. Make sure the undershirt is light enough to layer with your suit or blazer jacket.

Stay Warm in Style

A formal look needs a great coat to match. Topcoats and car coats look polished and can easily be worn again during cold commutes to work. As for material, wool stays warm and looks great. Black or dark grey are solid color options that can go with most suits. If you’re looking for something that easily transitions between seasons and events, a peacoat reigns supreme. The classic, nautical cut is well-loved for good reason.

Great casual options include well-cut and fitted leather jackets. You can give off Marlon Brando vibes in a riding jacket or give a nod to aviation in a classic bomber style. A versatile brown or black leather looks great with casual looks and has a decided edge to it. Plus, it looks better with wear and age.

Sport jackets are appropriate in casual settings. Tweed material gives a textured, warm look that will impress. Corduroy has a vintage feel that won’t be out of place among Christmas lights and tumblers full of cheer.

Finally, sporty puffer coats and jackets are viable options for outdoor activities. If you’re headed to a holiday party where outdoor romps are likely, it’s okay to lean towards practicality. If you live in a particularly cold climate, make sure you select your coat for both style and warmth. Don’t forget a set of warm leather gloves.

If you’re looking for other ways to stay warm, read how a gentleman handles the cold of winter.

Use Accessories to Spread Cheer

If you feel compelled to wear a seasonal tie or bowtie to a formal event, choose a subtle pattern in a color that complements your suit and shirt. If you choose to wear festive red in your tie and/or pocket square, choose a deep shade rather than a glaring bright one. 

However, if you decided this is your year to go all out with festive gear, you can browse online for a wide selection of holiday-inspired ties. From golfing Santas to spinning dreidels, there’s an endless supply of seasonal ties to be worn. Mr. Tailor won’t judge or scold over the holidays.

If you’re donning a tux, don’t be afraid to break out your best pair of silver or gold cufflinks. Live it up in style.

A Great Fit is Appropriate All Year Long

No matter the season, perfect fit is always in style. Gift yourself the luxury of a bespoke tailored suit. With quality and style that lasts, you’ll enjoy a gift that keeps on giving.

We’d love to help you look great for every event.  Contact us or visit us in-store at our Mclean location.

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