How a Gentleman Should Dress for a Job Interview

Landing your dream job isn’t always easy. Even with an impressive resume, nerves can get the best of usually-confident interviewees.

How can you stand out from the competition and make the best first impression during a job interview? Mr. Tailor provides his tips to look and act the part of a qualified professional.


No Matter the Office Dress Code, Dress on the Formal Side

Even if you suspect or know the office you’re interviewing at is casual, it’s a safer bet to follow business formal guidelines. Business formal typically includes a suit in either navy, black, or brown with a buttoned shirt and tie.

If you’ve been specifically told not to wear a suit, err on the side of caution. Tailored slacks and blazers look professional and are less formal looking than a traditional suit.  

A Proper Fitting Suit Makes the Best First Impression

Mr. Tailor can’t recommend proper fit enough. A suit too big or small will make even the most capable of interviewees look odd or uncomfortable. Even if the suit is expensive, bad fit can ruin it entirely. This is when a custom or expertly tailored suit is necessary.

Custom tailoring addresses differences in height, torso length, shoulder width, and more. Unique job candidates need a unique fit.

A Job Interview is Not the Right Time for Dressing Bold

It’s okay to show a bit of personality in your clothing, but be careful not to overdo it. An interview is not the time for excessive flash. Avoid suits in bright or unusual colors. A dark blue or navy suit is a safe option and can easily be worn again. Undershirts should complement your suit. If you’d like to wear a patterned shirt, make sure it’s subtle and well-fitted.

Keep Accessories Minimal

Choose a tie in a solid color or subtle pattern and match your pocket square to it.  Go light on jewelry if you typically wear it. A simple watch with a clean band is a great addition.

Your shoes can speak volumes. Black or dark brown dress shoes should be worn and impeccably polished. Scuffed shoes are distracting.

Finally, invest in a classic leather briefcase to take along with you. With proper care, it can last a lifetime (and get cooler with age.) Don’t forget your portfolio and resume when you head out the door.

Grooming is Vital

If you usually shave your facial hair, be sure to follow your shaving routine the morning of your interview. A trip to the barber or an at-home session with your favorite shave kit should do the trick.

If you sport a beard or other facial hair, a little maintenance before your interview keeps you looking polished. If you’re able to trim your beard or mustache, do so before an interview. If not, a little beard oil can give your facial hair a nice sheen.

Your hands should also look neat. Trim and clean your nails. If you use aftershave or cologne, use it sparingly. Strong smelling cologne can overpower an interview. Be remembered for your qualifications and personality–not your aftershave. 

Let Us Dress You for Your Interview

We can’t write your resume, but we can help you look your best.  Contact us or visit us in-store at our Mclean location–we’ll help you construct an effortless, bespoke tailored look that makes the right impression.

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