How Bespoke Tailoring Is Perfect For All Body Types

Our mothers, and all those afterschool specials, were right when they told us that every man is handsome and unique in his own special way. So many unique and special ways, in fact, that there are an infinite number of things that differentiate one man from another. But, in this world of finite goods and services, it’s impossible to find something that is distinctly you.

Men’s fashion has attempted to keep up over the years. The modern man is more aware of different trends and styles than ever before. Understanding your body type and working your clothing style accordingly definitely makes for a powerful appearance. While trends come and go, there are some classics that will stick around forever.

Enter, a well-fitted bespoke suit.

A bespoke suit is something that is made for you and only you. It represents you on the highest level. It does the talking for you. It is you. But even more than being uniquely you, it’s also timeless. It will never go out of style. It’s perfect for any occasion: weddings, award shows, dinner parties, brunch, naps, working out, camping; the possibilities are literally endless. No matter your body type, there is something about you that a bespoke suit will highlight better than an item off the rack ever could.

Let’s explore common body types and the kind of bespoke tailored suits that look best on each.

The Athletic Body

This is the sculpted body type of gym goers that have spent hours working on that perfect V. The body type is also noted by strong broad shoulders and surfboard abs. This is the body type we see on screens and associate with male models Ryan Gosling. So, what kind of bespoke clothing would look best on this body type? Make sure you don’t pick anything that’s too narrow. You need a perfectly tailored piece of clothing that enhances your body rather than makes it look uncomfortable. Truly, there’s nothing “readymade” available for your body because you don’t fit the “average body type”. You need softer shoulder cuts and single-breasted jackets that add to the sleek look.

The Stocky Body

If you are solid but stocky, like a rugby player, certain clothing elements are a hard no. You need to steer clear of details like a patch pocket and preferably find a two-button jacket; anything more and it will add to the bulk. Trousers with a waistline to make up for the extra girth will always have baggy legs that make you look even more stocky. You need pants that fit well and preferably bespoke-tailored to fit perfectly. You need to create a balance between the upper and lower body.

The Lean Body

Lanky bodies are one of the hardest to shop for. Traditional, off-the-rack, men’s clothing lines will make it impossible for you to dress yourself. Everything is too loose. Instead of taking readymade clothes for alterations and putting in double the effort, treat yourself to bespoke-tailored clothes that are not too loose or too tight—just the perfect amount of both. Roped shoulders, double-breasted jackets, and patterns are all perfect choices for lean men.

The Dad Bod

The dad bod is just a normal body type that has earned a respectable, new nickname in recent years. You are solid, but age and lifestyle show around your waist. And eventually, the waist is as broad as the shoulders. Buying something off the rack that fits on the shoulder does not balance with the waist, and vice versa. Solution? Bespoke-tailored clothing. What you need is something that’s able to “tuck in” that waist. The clothes need to be pinched around the waist and you want something that is not too long. A jacket that is cut higher instead of longer will not add bulk while adding great shape and definition.

These are only a few of the endless body types that can benefit from bespoke tailoring. There are pear-shaped men who need bold lapels and strong shoulder cuts. Very tall men and very short men don’t fall under the “average” size charts either. Understanding your specific body type and wearing bespoke tailored clothing that is “made to measure” will not just add comfort but also bring out that dashing personality of yours.

A great, customized suit can help you look and feel your best no matter the occasion. Let Tailored Man create a look that’s crafted specifically for you. Contact us or visit our Mclean location–we’d be happy to help construct an effortless, bespoke tailored look that will have you looking sharp in the new year.

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