7 Ways to Never Wear a Tie Clip

The tie clip is a small fashion detail that can have huge impact. There are rumblings in the fashion world that it is making a comeback, but really, did the tie clip every truly go out of style?

(No, no it did not)

There is a right way to wear a tie clip and there is a wrong way (some are very wrong ways). But we are going to help you sort all that out.

1. Tie clips have a purpose, to pin your tie to your shirt. Yet there will always be that one guy who decides to toss out the rules, preferring to ignore the placket of his shirt and clip the tie only leaving it to flap in the breeze. Sorry fella; that just won’t do.

Your tie clip has an intended purpose and that is to unite your tie with your shirt, keeping it all in place. When you clip, catch both ends of your tie in the clip then use the clip to secure it to the placket (the double fabric layer where the buttonholes are) of your shirt.

2. Style matters. There are two styles of tie bars, slide clasp and pinch clasp. While you may be inclined to use the pinch clasp as a clip for all seasons because it holds everything firmly in place, that isn’t always the fashion savvy approach. A pinch clasp on a thin tie can cause puckering and it might not lay as flat as you would like.

Match the tie clip to the tie. Slide clasps tend to be great for thinner ties and lighter fabric. A pinch clasp, on the other hand, works best with thicker ties and heavier fabric.

3. Size matters. Wearing a tie clip that extends beyond the width of your tie just won’t do. Size really does matter, especially when it comes to the size of your tie bar.

Tie bar too wide

Choose a clip that is about ¾ the width of your tie. You can get away with a clip that falls anywhere in the range of 1 inch the width of your tie to the actual width of it, but ¾ the width is optimal.

4. Placement is pertinent. A tie clip that is positioned too high or too low will throw off your whole look.

Yes, there is such a thing as proper placement for a tie clip. It should be fastened between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. That would put is just below your pecs, about at your sternum.

5. Details, details. Tie clips are not meant to pull the tie straight down, holding you in place along with your ensemble.

Before you fasten your clip, blouse your tie just a little by pulling it slightly upward. This gives your look some great depth and is very pleasing to the eye. Plus you won’t feel so constricted.

6. The angled tie clip. Just don’t do it – ever.

Tie bar askew

A tie clip should always be straight across, perpendicular to the tie. It should never, ever be angled.

7. Know when to clip. Wearing a tie clip with a cardigan or waistcoat is redundant. The clip is intended to hold the tie in place. A waistcoat or cardigan takes care of that so then you have a cluttered mess instead of clean, fashionable lines.

Tie clip with a waistcoat

Wear one or the other. If you want to wear a waistcoat, fine. But don’t wear a tie clip with it, no matter which celebrities you have seen doing it. It is still wrong.

With this knowledge in mind, try a tie clip the next time you suit up.

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