25 Books Every Man Should Read

25 Books Every Man Should Read

It was the French author Gustave Flaubert who said: “Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live.”

We read in order to live. You want to live, don’t you?

Here are 25 books every man should read.


Ask The Tailor: The Wedding Edition

It’s April and if you’re getting married this June or July, you’re in crunch time for your wedding plans. We asked The Tailor to answer nuptial-related questions this month.

I have a quandary: I want to ask my father to be my best man but I fear that my best friend will be offended. How do I handle this delicate situation?
-- F.X. in Scranton, PA

Sit your buddy down and have the talk with him. If he’s any sort of friend, he’ll understand. Your father must be very important to you if you’re considering him being your best man. Bravo to you! It’s something your Pop will remember forever and he’ll appreciate it.



Ask The Tailor: Wine Stains, Sockless Fashion, and Bright Colors

Yes, spring is here, and that means warmer weather (doesn’t it?), more daylight, and brighter clothes. It’s time to take the white and light blue clothes out of storage. Let’s show some panache. You remember panache, don’t you? You better.

How do I remove red wine stains from a white shirt?
-- Clark in Murfreesboro, TN

What are you doing over in the Volunteer State, getting a little crazy with the wine? Or did someone splash it on you? Either way, you have options, my friend. There are four (count ‘em, four) common household items that can help you get a nasty wine stain out of your clothing. The first is milk: simply soak the milk into the stain immediately while the clothing is still wet. The stain should be gone in an hour. The second is salt: cover the spill with table salt immediately after the spill and then proceed to brush the salt off the fabric. Next, you can use shaving cream if the stain is dry: cover it with the cream and then wash the garment in hot water. Lastly, if you have cat litter in your home: apply a half-inch thick layer of the litter on the stain and rub it into the fabric, then use a vacuum to remove it. Presto!


Ask The Tailor: Buying a Belt, Cleaning Sneakers, and Moving a Piano

Ask The Tailor

This month you’ll learn something about sneakers, tying shoes, buying a belt, moving a piano, and what not to do to a hedgehog. You’re welcome.

I like to wear tennis shoes to work on casual days but I can’t seem to keep them clean, is there a solution?
-- Dave in Maryland


A Guide To Being a Man in 2017

Guide To Being a Man

You’re a man. You want to keep being a man in 2017. How can you make 2017 the best “Man” year of your life? Read this guide, that’s how.