How do I clean my fedora?

You’ll need these items to clean your fedora:

  • Lint roller
  • Hat brush
  • Wash cloth
  • Blow dryer

First, create a clean space for you to work with your hat. Wash and dry your hands, clear the area, and make sure the surface is free of debris and moisture.

Next, holding the fedora by the rim, brush it gently beginning on one side and moving around the hat until you’ve completed one full rotation.

Gently roll the lint roller over the fedora to remove fuzz, dust, lint, hair, etc.

Lightly dampen the wash cloth and use it to clean any stains on the hat.

Set the blow dryer to the lowest setting and use it to dry the fedora.


Can I wear white after Labor Day?

There was once a “rule” that wearing white after Labor Day was a faux pas, but what do they say about rules? They’re made to be broken. It was a silly rule anyway.

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear white after Labor Day.

What you want to be careful about is what sort of white clothing you choose in the Fall and Winter months. If you are eyeing that short sleeve white dress shirt or a spring white jacket, don’t do it. Wear a sensible white suit or a white hat, even a long white waistcoat, but don’t make it look like you think it’s May.


Wearing white (especially a well-tailored white pinstripe suit) is an excellent way to show off your style when the days get shorter.


Which Online Shaving Club should you choose?

What's all the fuss about buying shaving supplies online? It seems as if everyone is buying razors and cartridges and aftershave on the internet these days. Hasn't shaving been the same for thousands of years?

No, times are changing. If you're simply buying razors and shaving gel as you go from big box retailers, you're wasting time and you're spending too much money. Men (and women) can shave lots of money off their budget by signing up for one of these online shaving clubs. Why spend extra money on shaving when you can use that savings to do fun stuff?


The Most Stylish Men in U.S. History

Who was the most stylish man in the history of the United States? Is it possible to even answer such a question?

We've tried. Here's a timeline that includes some of the more stylish men in the history of America. Do you agree with our selections?


Ask The Tailor: Mixing Patterns and the Best-Dressed Man in U.S. History

Here we are with another round of Ask The Tailor, the man who seems to know it all without being a know-it-all.

What are the things to consider when mixing patterns in my wardrobe?
— Steve B. in Grantsville, WV

Bravo to you for taking on the challenge of mixing patterns. Any man can wear solids that match. Any man can toss a bold-patterned tie around his neck to seem a little daring. But not all men have the chops to mix patterns. Once you pull this off (with my help), dors are going to open for you, my friend. The world will seem like a happier place and women will turn their heads. Prepare to be coveted.